The Rowny ~ Paderewski Scholarship

Although well known as a pianist and composer, Ignacy Paderewski is not sufficiently recognized as the father of modern Poland.  Had it not been for Paderewski's drafting of the 13th Point for the Versailles Treaty, there might not be a free democratic Poland today.  He not only succeeded in getting the 13th Point into the Versailles Peace Treaty agenda, but also convinced Clemenceau, Lloyd George and Orlando to back the resurrection of Poland.

The Rowny-Paderewski Scholarship was established by General Edward L. Rowny in 2004. Since then, the Scholarship has enabled eight outstanding Polish students to attend summer courses at George Mason University in Washington D.C. as well as intern in an organization of their choice in the nation's capital.

The Rowny-Paderewski Scholarship has partnered with The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) and George Mason University in order to expose aspiring Polish leaders to American political, business and academic culture. Since 1967, TFAS has educated young people from around the world in leadership and in free-market economy.

Lidia Gibadlo — 2016 Paderewski Scholar

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